A Discussion of Generalization Possibility for Qualitative Methodology


Epistemology of interpretivism, commonly called qualitative methodology, has been criticized. with regard to its lack of rigor and incapacity validity (generalizability). While the debate continues, qualitative researchers have endeavored to provide numerous methods striving to maximize the degree of generalization which can be achieved. T he paper discusses the possibility of generalization in qualitative research by reviewing the general contrasts between quantitative and qualitative methodologies and argues that since quantitative methodology and qualitative methodology are two distinctive analytical approaches, using quantitative criteria concerning generalizations to critique the qualitative position is conceptually inapplicable, unworkable and undesirable. It is not impossible for qualitative methodology to be “generalizable”, but on the other hand achievable by properly redefining the generalization criteria used in qualitative: research in the context of the research. objective(s) pursued.


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