Liberalizing the Gaming Industry in Macao: Employees' Perspectives


This paper studies the effects of the socio-economically and politically controversial liberalization of the formerly monopolized gaming industry in Macao on its employees’ job satisfaction and turnover intention. Customized questionnaires, based on the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire, we administered to the employees of both the incumbent and new entrants to evaluate the employees’ job satisfaction and turnover intention following the liberalization. Factor analysis is subsequently applied to the completed questionnaires so as to summarize such job satisfaction by several components, which are then compared between the incumbent and new entrants through t-tests. Correlation analysis is also used to relate such components with the turnover intention indicated in the completed questionnaires. The new entrants are found to be superior on most components regarding employees’ job satisfaction, which in turn correlates negatively with turnover intention. This explains an observed phenomenal brain drain from the incumbent to the new entrants.


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