Accuracy in Pain Assessment and Management among Student Nurses and Nurses with Different Lengths of Clinical Experience: A Clinical Vignette Approach



This study examines the accuracy of pain assessment and management by student nurses and nurse having different lengths of clinical experience. Accurate pain assessment is essential for appropriate pain management. A survey design using a Double-Effect-Pain Indicators Chinese-Clinical-Vignette for Pain-Assessment-Management was used to collect data in 2007. A sample size of 530 participants was response rate of 57.1% was utilized for this study. A Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test indicated that the plan level of two patients are rated by the participants differed significantly) p<0.01). Vital signs (95.4% (270/283)) were identified to be the most frequent pain cues suggested by student nurses and nurses. These results suggest a lack of accurate pain assessment and inadequate use of prescribed analgesic for the relief of patient’s pain described in the clinical vignette. Continued clinical education on pain assessment and management for nurses should be emphasized in hospitals and tertiary educational institutions.


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