Elderly Falls and Their Relationship to the Falls Behavioural (Fab) Scale and Other Risk Factors Amongst People Who Visit Elderly Centres in Macao


Falling over is a common phenomenon amongst elderly people. However, limited information on this has been available in Macao. The paper is a cross-sectional study to rate of occurrence of falling over and related issues. A total of 565 elderly people in Macao were recruited by the quota sampling method. Data was collected face to face interview. The questionnaire consisted of three parts: (1) Demographic information; (2) Medical history; and (3) The Falls Behavioural Scale (FaB). Most of the participants were old (Mean = 77.45) females who were also illiterate. The rate of falls was 27.3%. The Mean FaB score was 3.047±0.38. The relationship was found between falling rates and diabetes (OR = 1.49), and skeletal and joint problems (OR = 1.79).


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