Transport Studies for Macao: An Integrated Approach


This article proposes the inception of an undergraduate degree in Integrated Transport Studies to be offered as a full-time and part-time programme at Macao Polytechnic Institute in collaboration with affiliated institutions in Macao and China. The rational for this proposal is the growing importance of transport planning in the future development of Macao and the imperative for academic, professional, and vocational education and training integrating the various fields related to transportation. The proposal is based on an analysis of specialized transport studies programmes and courses offered by educational institutions in the UK, and research conducted by transport professional and academics in China. The focus of this analysis is on interdisciplinary approaches to the field of study, the integrated content of courses, and key issues affecting professional and vocational training, academic teaching and research, for the operation, management, and development of the transport sector in Macao. The paper concludes with a discussion note on the concept of sustainable mobility – a key determinant for effective transport planning.

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