Determinants of Antenatal Depressive Symptomatology Among Chinese Women: A Two-Wave Prospective Longitudinal Study


A total of 2,365 women were recruited at six regional public hospitals in Hong Kong to participate in an explorative study with a two-wave, prospective, longitudinal design. The study in vestigated the predictors of perinatal depressive symptoms among Hong Kong Chinese women. The women were identified as depressive using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS). Marital conflict was evaluated using the Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAC) and parent-in-law conflict was evaluated using the Stryker Adjustment Checklist (SAC). The Interpersonal Support Evaluation List (ISEL) was used to measure the functional aspects of perceived availability of social support. The correlates of antenatal depressive symptoms were explored in their demo-socioeconomic, obstetric, and Chinese familial relational aspects. Multiple linear regression analysis revealed that earlier antenatal depressive symptomatology during the third trimester. These results provide important preventive information for antenatal depressive symptomatology among the Hong Kong popluation. The implications and limitations of these findings and directions for future research are suggested.


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