Identifying Issues and Data Presentation in Business and Law Cases


The dynamic complexity of present-day workplace practicers has made universities change the nature of their academic programs, making them more interdisciplinary (Bhatia, 1999, p.129). However, many of the traditional Business English courses appear to  be unable to help learners cope with the complexity of the communication demands inherent in multi-disciplinary academic tasks. In addition, a study of texts used for Business education reveals that different disciplines exhibit different generic features. Based on genre and discourse analysis in cases from three disciplines, this paper examines how studies in Accounting, Economics and Law identify issues / problems and how data is presented. The paper examiners to what extent these two common features are similar or different across the fhree disciplines. Its is hypothesized that though cases have traditionally been associated with these disciplines, and give the impression that they may be similar, they are actually different in a number of ways. 


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