Factors Affecting Perceived Physical Health Among Pregnant Women in Macao, China


This study identifies the relationship of demographic, socioeconomic and obstetric variables and perceived stress to perceived physical health among pregnant Chinese women in Macao. A cross-sectional and exploratory quantitative study was carried out in an antenatal clinic of a university-affiliated regional public hospital in Macao among 717 pregnant women in the second trimester. The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) and the standard SF-12 Health Survey (SF-12) were employed to measure perceived stress and perceived physical health. A multiple linear regression analysis revealed that Macao pregnant women with the following characteristics had better perceived physical health: (1) having secondary or lower education attainment (B=0.105, p=0.013), (2) having better interpersonal relationship with family members (B=0.108, p=0.014), (3) living in bigger residence size (B=0.085, p=0.041), (4) having no obstetric complications (B=0.085, p=0.026), and (5) perceiving lower stress level (B=-0.096, p=0.017).


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